Aiko was born in Tokio/ Japan. Since the middle of the 1990s she lives and works in New York City. Influenced by her cultural background and her life in the USA, Aiko connects contemporary American art movements like Pop Art and Graffiti with traditional Japanese art and esthetics. Her murals narrate playfully the femininity, sexuality and beauty of human life – narratives of women. Beyond that, her work unites western and eastern culture Within the contemporary art scene Aiko is among the most important artists of the new century.

Inside a mostly male dominated graffiti and street art scene she is widely accepted and an important artist to contribute to the visibility of women in our society. Aiko is mostly requested for the design of large outdoor walls. The Wynwood-project (curated by Jeffrey Deitch) in Miami or the historic “Keith Haring wall” in the artistic center of New York are among the most known outdoor pieces.

For the spring/summer collection 2013 Louis Vuitton has comissioned Aiko with the creation of a silk scarf for the accessory line “Foulards d’artistes”. Her works have already been exhibited in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome (MACRO), the Museum of Contemporary Art Shanghai, the New York and Brooklyn Museum as well as the PS1/MoMA.


Bunny House
Untitled (window #2)
Lovers (wood)
Untitled (trunk deck)
Untitled Girl (trunk deck)
Lovers (mirror)
Kiss (mirror)
Untitled Girl (canvas)
A Girl With Spray Can
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