Ben Eine

Ben Eine is the alias of Ben Flynn. He was born in 1970 in London. He started 25 years ago in the London Street Art scene and specialized quickly on large letters which he painted upon shop shutters, mainly in the London East End. He paints self-developed, large, typographic and colourful letters, words and short sentences.

Over the years he painted single letters on shop shutters over the whole city of London. These “shutter letters” made him internationally well-known. Sometimes the letters create words, other times they produce riddles and the viewer himself has to find an answer. In their iconography as text based images they refer to advertising brochures on posters and other typographic compositions within the urban space.

By now, Eine is known way beyond the borders of London. The English Prime Minister David Cameron gave an Eine artwork to President Barack Obama as a gift during his first state visit in England. This gesture catapulted the street artist in the spotlight of the international art scene.

Today the works of Ben Eine are not only traceable on the streets of London, San Francisco, LA and Tokyo, but also inside galleries. For instance, he participated in the internationally biggest Street Art exhibition “Art in the Streets”, organized by the Museum of Contemporary Art (MoCA) in Los Angeles.

E (Garagentor)
Revolution - Matt Black
Revolution - Grey
Revolution - White
Revolution - Peach
Revolution - Black Gloss
Revolution - Blue Navy
Amazement - Gold
Amazement - Silver
Amusement - Gold
Amusement - Silver
Ben Eine & D*Face - New York Sauce
A - Z Whitewalls
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