Max Zorn

Max Zorn creates detailed images that amaze with their power of the image by using commercial brown tape and a scalpel. Zorn sticks the tape in different layers on different tansparent components, such as acrylic glass plates or lamps and cuts out the contours of the images, until the common material is transformed into an artwork.

Zorn calls this transformation process Tape-Art. To develop its full effect, the images need something else: The correct light. The artist is inspired of writers from the Lost Generation, such as Hemingway. He is interested in broken characters of the protagonists, which appears in between appearance and reality.

As a street artist he began to work three years ago in the streets of Amsterdam, taping street lamps. Soon galerists and collectors got aware of him and he made the step from the streets into the galleries.

Eyes Wide Open
Dean in Miami
Space Shuttle
Humming Skies
New York Eve
Old Days
Silver Lining
Morning Light
City Tales
Race Of His Life
Coming Home
First Sight Miami
Beach Day
Tango New York
China Town II
Dance of the Enemies II
Sugar Club Red
Burlesque I
Austin Jam
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